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Mercedes-Benz Actros 1843 2013

Car from Germany, impeccable technical condition guaranteed! It has an ADR certificate! Specifications include 10.7L engine, 315kW power, 18t gross weight. Preview by appointment. 4x2 axle configuration. We provide full support from selection to delivery, as well as transportation and logistics services.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2013

The 2013 Mercedes-Benz Actros is a true symbol of reliability and performance in the field of freight transportation. The powerful 10.7-liter R6 (OM 470) engine with a power of 315 kW stands behind its extraordinary technical equipment. This reliable vehicle has a gross weight of 18 tons and a front axle load of 7.5 tons, making it an excellent choice for various types of transportation.

Equipped with a 12-speed gearbox type G 211-12, the Mercedes-Benz Actros ensures smooth and efficient movement even on the most difficult road sections. Factory ADR guarantees a high level of safety and reliability during the transportation of dangerous goods.

Other technical features include a 630-litre fuel tank and 60-litre AdBlue, EURO 6 emissions compliance and a 4x2 axle configuration for optimum manoeuvrability. Disc brakes on the front and rear axles, along with a rear axle differential lock, provide an extra level of safety on the road.

Comfort and modernity awaits you inside the driver's cabin: width 230 cm, air suspension, Home-Line interior, flat floor, 24V socket, CD, radio, Bluetooth, electric mirrors and heating, tinted windshield, adjustable power steering pump, air compressor 2 - step, tachograph control unit / EC.

This Actros is ready to work in flights, in the highest efficiency mode. It is also possible to equip with an additional trailer. Count on the highest quality and performance of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Actros on every trip you make.

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